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The best way to get to know more about Life Point Church is to come out to one of our 10am Sunday Services or Special Events. Of course, we realize that lives are busy, so we've created profiles and content on various social media. Please check us out.

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We'd love to share some of the highlights of Life Point Church with you. Please click the images below to learn more.
  • What We Believe

    At Life Point we base all our teaching on the Bible. We believe it to be inerrant and authoritative on all matters of faith and practice. Whether it is a verse by verse study through a book of the bible or a topical look at a biblical doctrine, the New and Old Testaments are treated as God's spoken Word to us. We strongly believe in 1 Timothy 3:16 "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." Whether taught from the front or as a message delivered "in the round" around the centrally located communion table the Bible is upheld as God's written word that leads us to the living word, Christ. As an evangelical church we subscribe to the statement of faith of the evangelical fellowship of Canada. Statement of Faith

  • Reel to Real

    Reel to Real

    Reel to Real is our look at the culture as expressed in the popular movies of our times. The Bible tells us that the Apostle Paul was very much in touch with the culture of his time. In the Bible we see Paul in Athens discussing with philosophers the concept of God and the nature of truth. In Acts 17:28 Paul even goes so far as to quote some of the non Christian poets of the day to make his points. These poets in Paul's day were the "story tellers". In a similar way many of the modern movie makers are the "story tellers" of our day. We don't agree with every statement or concept presented in every movie that we explore, but we do look for the kernels of truth, the overriding "God themes" that can be found in the movies we will consider. Some movies we consider are fiction, others, historical narratives. Like in the theatre, popcorn will be available as we view clips from a particular film and then explore what the scripture says on that theme.

  • brekfast club

    Breakfast Club

    Breakfast club is an opportunity for you to come, bringing friends, family, coworkers and neighbours to a free Sunday morning breakfast and life story presentation. Nothing moves us like hearing first hand a powerful life story, told by the person that lived it. Our goal in these events is to inspire, encourage and challenge. We hope that the ever changing stories from a diverse background of different speakers, artists, news makers and world shakers will help you believe in the power of God to bring life change, both for yourself and others you know. That these stores will help you to find the courage to face your life challenges. Most of all we hope these stories will help you realize that you are never alone; that there is a source of supernatural power to help you with life's greatest challenges. Come, eat, listen, be inspired and challenged!

  • breakfast club

    Question of the week

    Question of the week is your opportunity to ask a question, to make an wonder, "What does God have to say about that issue?" You can get your "Question of the week" on the agenda by writing it in on the back of our welcome card available at the round tables we sit at every weekend in our public service. We receive it, put it into the queue and eventually it rises to the top and we deal with your particular question. Above all, it is not a matter of what we say, or think, or feel or even's all about what God's Word the Bible has to say!

  • brekfast club

    Community Life Exercise

    Each week we practice some form of "Community life" in the service. Church is not a place where you just come and sit, give money and leave. It is a place where you minister to others, share you life, get to know someone new or converse with an old friend over a meal. It is a place where you build community. You could be gathering around and laying hand on and blessing those with a birthday in a give month. You could be both serving and being served communion. We monthly have a meal together after a morning service and you could be eating with someone new. You could be sharing the "story of you" in three minutes or less with someone that is new that Sunday morning. It could be a testimonial from the front or praying with the person next to you. It could be texting your feedback in real time to be incorporated into the morning teaching time. Our Community Life exercises make church an interactive, participatory, community experience every week.

  • Volunteer

    There are many opportunities to volunteer at Life Point. There are simple, practical things such as setting up chairs and tables before services or putting them away after services, putting out bulletins and Bibles on the tables before services, and making coffee/tea/juice for services. There are other areas of service in which you would be able to exercise your gifts, talents and abilities. These would include serving in the nursery or Sunday School program (you would need to complete an application process), being part of a worship team, leading a small group, being part of an outreach or Missions team.

    If you're not sure what your gifts are, we have a tool that can help you. Contact our office and we will get you started.

  • Harmony Creek Community Centre

    Harmony Creek Community Centre is part of our missional move into the community. There are about 35 community individuals that work full time in the facility and there are about 1,200 community members who are a part of the many programs and services that call HCCC home. We are not a church that has a community centre....we are a community centre that also has multiple churches within it. Life Point is a church that is all about the community. There are over 20 partner organizations that call Harmony Creek Community Centre home. While Life Point church owns the facility, Harmony Creek Community Centre is a separately incorporated, church controlled organization that oversees the many diverse activities that take place in the facility. Some of our partners are full tenants in the facility and many are weekly or monthly regulars. We also host numerous one off rentals and at times several on a weekend. Some of our onsite partners are identified below. HCCC also hosts a yearly Block Party at which hundreds of community folks attend. For more information visit the HCCC website at

  • Main Auditorium

    The main auditorium is the location for the Sunday program of Life Point church, but it is also a multi use facility that hosts banquets, conferences, concerts, music and dance recitals, tournaments, weddings and trade shows among other things. The room has full theatrical lighting, media and sound and comes with Harmony Creek Café. The room can seat over 400 in theatre styled seating or 300 in a banquet format. Life Point Church and Harmony Creek Community Centre inhabit the fully renovated 27,000sqft facility that has as its mission serving both Christ and the church, but also the community. The current picture shows the facility set for a wedding banquet and dance. Life Point church also sets up in a round table seminar format. The gym can also support 300 in a theatre seat up and 250 in a banquet format.

  • Harmony Creek Café

    Harmony Creek Café is often the first experience of someone coming to Life Point. You arrive in the café and are greeted with the smells of specialty coffees and baked goods, the feel of comfortable leather couches, the sound of conversations at round tables and the warmth and beauty of stain glass windows. It is the place where people connect, were friendships are renewed, where new tastes are discovered and you can relax either before or after the Sunday program. The café hosts numerous events and activities through out the week. It is where complementary Breakfast Club meals are served and information on the community bulletin board can be reviewed. It is a unique venue and the perfect place to begin your journey of exploration into Life Point Church.

  • Our Story

    In 1998 Clarington Community Church was launched as church plant meeting in the Courtice Community Centre. Through the use of flyers and other outreach strategies the church quickly grew from one morning service to two to eventually a third “Pizza” service that began with a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza. Contemporary music, life relevant messages, relaxed atmosphere and a strong emphasis on relationship and discipleship were hallmarks of the ministry. By 2000 the church was also operating services in schools in Whitby and Pickering. This rapid expansion of multiple services and sites led to a name change to Durham Church Network. Shortly after moving to the gym at Lydia Trull P.S. for Sunday morning the church was able to move to two services in that larger facility.

    The events of 9/11 were brought about by religious extremists. Between that and the wars that took place in central Asia the culture in the Oshawa shifted and it became clear that the community had become increasingly sceptical about the benefits of religion generally. From that time forward Durham Church Network sought to bring about measurable and demonstratable benefit to the community. That ultimately expressed itself in our purchase of the existing facility at 15 Harmony Road N in Oshawa which we renovated into Harmony Creek Community Centre, HCCC. As a product of the move the church consolidated most of its public services into the one facility and changed its name to Life Point Church.

    Today Life Point and HCCC operate as sister organizations. HCCC composed of its many partner organizations has at times had as many as 5,000 people on the site on a single day and has been awarded a Community Partnership award here in the city of Oshawa. Life Point has focused on creativity and innovation with the development of programs such as meeting at round tables, Breakfast Club, Reel to Real, TED Talk Sunday’s just to name a few. Also out of Life Point has come an innovative and creative ministry called Rise Up that runs weekly on site in one of Oshawa’s most economically challenging areas.

    Through its many iterations the ministry has remained true to the Bible and to its focus of brining real life solutions to real life issues.

  • Pastor’s Welcome

    Thanks for checking out our website! As a church community we are committed to being true to the teachings of the Bible and our focus of bring real life solutions to real life issues. This is the case for our Sunday morning public service and the many creative and innovative elements that we employ. It is also the case for our many community services through our partner organizations at Harmony Creek Community Centre. We are also highly invested in one of Durham Region’s most financially challenged neighbourhoods in the north part of the city. There is probably no church in Durham Region that has committed so many resources to those outside of the church and in the community. We take the great commission seriously.

    We also take the great commandment seriously to love one another. Small groups, men’s and women’s groups, youth and children’s program and numerous community support groups are all a part of loving one another.

    I encourage you to check out the website, but more importantly to check out Life Point and HCCC. By no means are we a perfect church, but we have always sought to be authentic and transparent. We don’t have all the answers, but we do believe that we are all on a journey together. A journey that brings us closer as a community and closer to God. It’s all about the journey and you are always welcome to be a part of the evolving story. Hope to see you on a Sunday morning.

    Pastor Dave

  • Mike Dale Associate and Youth Pastor

    Mike joined the staff of Life Point Church shortly after its origin and has served in a number of ministries throughout the church’s history. He has primary responsibility for Pastoral care, Youth work and assists with preaching as needed. Mike also serves on the board of Harmony Creek Community Centre. He has held several board positions in the past in foster care and sports organizations, as well as many years of coaching and officiating. Mike studied at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. He is married to Lynne and has four grown children, Sarah, Timothy, Matthew and Lucas and has three grand children.

  • 13th
  • Christa Reid-Seto

    Manager Harmony Creek Community Centre

    Christa is the Manager for the Harmony Creek Community Center. She has volunteered with DCN in various roles over the past decade and has a background in management, security, training and customer service. Christa is married to Brian and together they have 4 grown children.

  • Dave Fowler Lead Pastor

    Dave is the founding and lead pastor at Life Point Church He also is the founder of Harmony Creek Community Centre. He has been in pastoral ministry for 35 years. Dave holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Toronto and is working on a second doctorate in mental health. He is married to Cheryl who has recently retired as an elementary school principle. Together they have three grown children, Charity, Aurora and Jefferson and two grand children.

  • Meet Our Partners

    Check out some of the amazing programs currently operating out of Harmony Creek Community Centre - part of the Life Point Church missional move into the community.
    • Edukids

      Edukids Child Care Centres are located throughout the Greater Toronto Area where we have been providing quality licensed childcare for over 30 years. Edukids' provides full time, part time, and before and after school care for children from newborn to twelve years old. At Edukids your child's safety and well being is our number one priority, and our staff truly do make the difference!

    • Rhythm Dynamix Dance

      Rhythm Dynamix Dance has had people on their feet and moving to the beat for ten years in the Durham Region. The school offers unique classes such as breakdance, Argentine tango, house/freestyle, funk, pop and lock, Latino motion, ballroom and more.

      "We provide quality dance instruction in Ballroom, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and many other styles in an atmosphere that makes your learning experience an enjoyable one."

      Rhythm Dynamix Dance

    • Upscale Music Studios

      Upscale Music Studios originated from a demand for theoretical subjects in class form. Since its' beginnings UMS has grown to include private lessons in most instruments and voice. We are committed to offering students a thorough, interactive and fun education. Students have bonded with those of similar interests while developing a drive to succeed musically and theoretically. Teachers are fully qualified or are taking advanced lessons under the tutelage of a senior teacher.

    • One Parent Family Association

      Our organization gives you the opportunity to meet people who have also been through the experience and discouragement that accompany the absence of a partner. You can share your experiences. You will gain new confidence when you discover others who have established a new way of life. You will make new friends that you will have for life.

      There are many great activities for both you and your family. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteeers, our family activities are subsidized for the children of members. Both you and your children will benefit. "A happy parent creates a happy family"

    • Family Karate Schools Association

      The Family Karate Schools Association (F.K.S.A.) is headed by Shihan Lou DeAdder, 6th Dan. There are currently 2 schools: Pickering and Oshawa. We study a traditional open style of Japanese/Okinawan Karate called 'Kazoku Kai ' - this translates to 'The Association of Family.'

      As our name suggests, we cater to a family-oriented environment. Membership is open to individuals and family's alike - classes are all ages (starting at 7 years and up). This allows for parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives to train together. There aren't many activities that offer this kind of opportunity!!!

    • Great Canadian Wrestling

      Great Canadian Wrestling (GCW) is an Oshawa-based independent wrestling company offering a unique platform to showcase the top wrestling talent that Canada has to offer. Since its inauguration in 2005, GCW has expanded to promote events in cities across Ontario, hosting 23 shows in 2007 alone. As a strong supporter of Sick Kids, Great Canadian Wrestling truly believes in giving back to the community. The company is proud to present fans of all ages with a regional source for wrestling entertainment as an alternative to the mainstream companies.

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