Q. What to wear?
Casual attire is the norm at Life Point. Be comfortable.

Q. How accessible is the building? Stairs, elevators, parking, etc? 

The church is on the ground level in a plaza and there is ample parking on site.

Q. Where to park? 

We are located at the north end of the plaza, and you can park anywhere.

Q. What languages are meetings in?

English. We also have a number of Deaf members and interpreting is provided.

Q. What is the purpose of Life Point Church? 

Life Point is a bible believing fellowship that exists to love and support people and further the sharing of the gospel.

Q. What roles can women play in this Church in terms of leadership and involvement? 

We encourage participation of women and there are no restrictions to the involvement and ministries women can undertake.

Q. How often is the lord’s supper practiced and what does Life Point believe about that? 

We include the Lord’s Supper in our services about every 5 to 6 weeks. We believe it is given for the members of the Lord’s family to remember Jesus’ death.

Q. Can I get baptized at Life Point, and if so, how can I get baptized here? 

We believe in adult baptism by immersion. If you are interested, please contact the Pastor.

Q. Can I have my child dedicated to Life Point, and if so how can I get my child dedicated here? 

Yes, we do practice and encourage dedication of children. If you are interested, please contact the pastor.

Q. Does your Church have people who can conduct funerals or weddings? 

The Pastor conducts both weddings and funerals.

Q. Can the Church be rented out and what can it be rented out for?  

We are a small venue, but the space can be rented out when available.

Don’t see the answer you were looking for here?

Please email our pastoral team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.